Play Settlers Of Catan Online For Free

There is only 1 place to play Settlers Of Catan Online for free.  There are two main places you can play.  Asobrain and MSN Games.  Asobrain is completely free and has a large following.  No matter what time of day you will always be able to find someone and play Settlers Of Catan Online.

If you end up going with MSN games you will first have to purchase a copy.  As far as I know the graphics are pretty much the same as the free version, so you would be wasting your money.  If you've never played settlers of cantan online or offline, you need to check it out.

The game is kind of like Risk, Civilization, and Monopoly put together.  The game in itself is a board game so when you play Settlers Of Catan online you can either play other players (live) or bots. 

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